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At ESM, we admire the hard work and passion that is needed to deliver successful Dental and Orthodontic programs and the commitment to deepening understanding and developing new treatment techniques through research. Our University customers have embraced 3Shape products and have found many new and exciting ways to benefit their profession using the ground breaking technology we offer. We are proud to be involved and are always happy to do what we can to help. We offer a range of incredible Academic packages at greatly reduced prices with many licences provided at no extra charge along with extended support terms. We also offer scanning services for free for reasonable volumes of cases and for a nominal fee for larger volumes. We can provide time limited licences meaning that you can carry out your research with the minimal of expense.

Here is a selection of some of the applications our Academic customers have for 3Shape products:

  • Growth Studies: Several US Dental Schools have digitised their growth studies so that this historic and valuable information can be easily accessed by researchers across the world. We are proud and honoured to support Dr. McNamara and his team at the University of Michigan, Dr. Baumrind at the University of the Pacific, Dr. Currier at Oklahoma and Dr. Thomson at the University of Toronto to name but a few.

  • Research: OrthoAnalyzer offers a variety of powerful measurement tools to allow simple and accurate measurements along with the ability to carry out standard and customisable analyses. The simplicity of measurement along with the accessibility of digital information makes it easier to gather much more data to provide more compelling research.

  • Training: Accessibility of digital models and the ability to display and share clear and detailed images makes communication and explaining specific cases details so much eaiser to a group either in a lecture room environment or an online forum.

  • Clinical Practice: The ease by which digital models can be retrieved at the chair side means that residents and clinical supervisors can spend more time planning and executing the highest levels of treatment rather than dealing with the issues surrounding the handling of physical models.

  • Archiving: Dental schools tend to have bigger archives and tend to retain these records for longer. The problems associated with this are therefore greater for dental schools that private practices. We are seeing an increased level of interest from dental schools and hospitals seeking a feasible and future proof solution to their storage issues.

Take some time to browse through the Scanner and Software sections to find out more about the products and how we have helped other customers like you enjoy the many benefits this technology has to offer. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your needs with our friendly customer care staff, don't hesitate, contact us today - we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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