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Since its foundation in 2007, ESM has been serving the needs of Orthodontists around the world. Our customers enjoy the benefits digital study models have to offer their business and their busy working day. As an orthodontist, you have several ways by which you can 'go digital' and the benefits range from simply saving time, money and space to incorporating the powerful functionality of OrthoAnalyzer into your patient treatment workflow.

Go Digital - A digital study model option that works for you

Option 1: Intra Oral Scanning

TRIOS revolutionises Intra-Oral scanning. This system will allow you to quickly capture a digital representation of your patient's teeth. It is fast, flexible and easy to use. If you need digital study models, once the scan is complete, you are instantly presented with open STL files that you own. No-per click fees, no hassle, full ownership. A simple workflow makes it easy for you to send your digital impressions to your preferred lab so they can get to work on your appliance before your patient even leaves the clinic!

Option 2: In-House Desktop Scanning

The 3Shape R700 desktop scanner is the solution for your business if you currently have an in-house laboratory. This system allows you to generate accurate and reliable digital models either directly from impressions or from stone models. As well as benefiting from the features OrthoAnalyzer offers, you can transfer the digital scan information to your preferred laboratory that can use this as part of their fabrication processes. Lead times will be reduced and the risks associated with distorted impressions eliminated.

Option 3: Scanning Services

As well as offering a scanning providing a scanning service ourselves, we have set up a network of ESM Partner Laboratories who can provide you with digital study models as part of their product portfolio. This approach offers you the benefit of having access to a one-stop-shop offering all of your orthodontic appliance needs. ESM will provide you with OrthoAnalyzer software so you have full access to the powerful functionality it offers along with the reassurance of working with a team that is committed to supporting you and your business.

Benefits that speak for themselves

We always enjoy speaking with our customers, exploring ways in which digital study models can help their business, understanding their needs and ideas and working with them to implement a solution that works! Here is a sample of the real benefits our products and services can offer you and your business. And don't just take our word for it, make sure to read through to our customer testimonials to hear some real success stories.

  • Reduced storage space requirement: Avoid paying costly outsourced storage facilities free up shelves, storage rooms, basements and use this space for more effective purposes.

  • Protection against loss / damage: Models get lost and broken. With sufficient back-up procedures in place, digital study models will give you confidence that you will never loose or misplace another model record again.

  • Protect your staff: Model boxes are heavy, difficult to handle and often stored in awkward and difficult to reach places. Protect your staff from injuries which have been suffered from handling model boxes.

  • Case presentation & communication: Digital information is easy to share. Simple screen shots of the images can be captured and included in presentations and referral letters. Digital models can be shared and used in live presentations of the case to patients and colleagues. Patients love the high-tech aspect of digital model and can often relate to this form of presentation. Remote case assessment and diagnosis can be offered with ease by consultants and referring specialists.

  • Efficient retrieval: 3Shape OrthoAnalyzer software has powerful search capabilities which make retrieval of records fast and simple. OrthoAnalyzer also integrates with many leading practice management software programs meaning all of your patient records are available through a single, simple interface.

  • Simple assessment and planning with OrthoAnalyzer Software: OrthoAnalyzer offers a range of tools empowering you to make simple measurements, perform standard and non-standard analyses (including PAR scoring, ABO Discrepancy Index), simulate extractions and IPR and create realistic virtual setups.

  • Future proof you business: The burdens of stone models are obvious to everyone. Planning to sell your practice? How attractive would a completely digital practice be to a prospective buyer? Stand out above the crowd when bidding for government / healthcare contracts by showing how technology benefits your business and your patient care. Imagine the reassurance and peace of mind that having ALL of your patient records in a digital format can offer you! Your data will be in an STL format and this will ensure that it will be accessible for many years to come.

  • No more silicon / alginate impressions: Patients often report that the worst memory of their orthodontic treatment was getting impressions taken. Intra-Oral scanning with TRIOS will make offer a more comfortable experience to your patients and electronic transfer of the impressions to your lab makes life easy and ensures reliable appliances.

  • Appliances that fit first time: By creating your own digital models in-house by using the R700 Desktop scanner or TRIOS means that you can submit your digital impressions through to a number of full service orthodontic laboratories that can then 'print' a working model and fabricate an appliance that is accurate and will fit first time without the need for you to adjust it at the chair side.

The Medico-Legal advice we received stated three requirements:

  1. The digital models must be an accurate representation of the original models. All scanners are routinely calibrated by the user, and development validation shows that the models are of an adequate level of accuracy. The fact that so many laboratories are using this technology as part of their production processes to produce appliances in itself shows how accurate the system is.
  2. It must not be possible to modify or alter the digital models. Every scan is accompanied with "raw scan data" which is a version of the data which cannot be modified. This provides a backup should there be a concern that any digital models were modified.
  3. Adequate backups of the data must be kept. Digital Models are simply another form of data that can be included in the routine business backup policy. It is recommended that a number of on-site and off-site backups are kept to offer protection in all eventualities.


We are passionate about our products and the level of service we offer our customers at ESM. So it makes us very proud when we hear the kind words our customers have to say about our products and the support we provide to them.

Howard & Eileen Watkinson,
Manor Orthodontics, Leicester, United Kingdom.

Howard and Eileen Watkinson"We've been using our study model scanner for 3 years now, and we love it! Neat and petite, the scanner sits in the office, where our Dental Nurses welcome the change from surgery and decon routines, and enjoy the opportunity to embrace the technology. The scanning process itself is easy, and nurses often have time to gain CPD hours reading articles while they're based at the scanner.

With friendly expertise available from the ESM helpline, any initial software problems were quickly dealt with, and on-going support is always available.

Integration with our existing Orthotrac software makes viewing models easy all over the practice, so that orthodontists are able to access the images at the click of a mouse, checking treatment progress, comparing model sets, or confirming the occlusion at completion of treatment, as needed.

Our model room has been freed up for other uses, and gone are the problems of long term storage of models of finished cases. PAR Scoring is straightforward and precise. And when the Dental Practice Board occasionally requests records for a sample number of cases, what a joy to simply copy the images to a USB stick and pop it in the post!"

Ms Emma Kirkham,
Chesterfield Orthodontics Chesterfield, United Kingdom

Chesterfield Orthodontics

"We are a modern paperless Orthodontic Practice, we feel that we move with the times and embrace new innovations in order to offer our patients the best possible treatment and care. As a busy NHS orthodontic practice, we found that we were running out of storage space for study models, not to mention having difficulty in locating models at a moment's notice. We needed to find a solution to solve our storage and archiving problems.

We first heard of Digital Study Models through one of our orthodontic labs, an ESM Partner Laboratory. They had invested in an ESM digital scanner to produce high quality digital 3D study models. Our first contact with ESM Partner lab was very friendly and helpful.

The initial installation of OrthoAnalyzerTM was quick and easy and thorough instruction was given. This software is cutting edge technology, which any modern orthodontic practice should consider. The personalised service that followed was excellent and very supportive, not to mention reliable and competent.

PAR scoring with OrthoAnalyzerTM is efficient, easy and very user friendly; it allows quick access to patient's study models and PAR analysis. The dental practice board has also our Study Model records in a digital format accepted the concept of digital 3D models. We have sent digital study models on disc for examination, and they have been very happy to accept them."

Dr Stephen Hunter,
London, UK.

"Patients are very impressed with the imagery. The analytical programs highlight tooth discrepancies, easily missed by the clinician".

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