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Orthodontic Laboratory

We are proud to have been involved in the evolution of the digital orthodontic laboratory and are encouraged by the positive experiences that our laboratory customers have enjoyed with our products. For many laboratories, purchasing an R700 desktop scanner was the most substantial and most significant purchase their business made and to some extent it was a step into the unknown. We always happy when our customer come back to us with comments like 2it was the best business purchase I made2 and this always helps other customers gain the reassurance they need to make the jump. We've prepared an overview of how your laboratory can benefit from 'going-digital' and if you have any questions or would like to speak with us to find out more, don't hesitate, contact us today one of our friendly customer care staff will take good care of you.

The Digital Orthodontic Laboratory

Digital and CAD/CAM technology has undoubtedly offered many benefits to dental laboratories and now with the support of ESM, this technology is available to help orthodontic laboratories enjoy the same business development and productivity benefits.

A digital orthodontic laboratory will incorporate scanning, software and digital manufacture into their production processes and product catalogue. As a digital laboratory you will enjoy new business opportunities by offering scanning services and access to the growing number of practises utilising in house scanning systems. Digital technology will offer improved efficiency, increased capacity and reduced lead times through digital working model preparation and appliance design and manufacture.

Complete digital workflow

Along with 3rd party manufacturing opportunities, ESM can now provide you and your customers a full range of 3Shape products which can enhance your business and help optimise your production efficiencies.

3shape Ortho System

3D Scanning: There is an increasing number of Orthodontic practices that now generate their own 3D digital models using either the R700 Desktop Scanner for scanning models and impression or TRIOS for scanning the patient's teeth directly. As a digital orthodontic lab, your business will be fully enabled to accept and use the data your customers send you thus completely eliminating physical impressions and stone models from your workflow. By having an R700 in house, you can use it to offer a digital model scanning service as part of your product portfolio and scan all incoming work as the first stage in your digital workflow.

Analysis & treatment planning: Your customers will use OrthoAnalyzer as part of their diagnosis and treatment planning processes to identify their preferred course of treatment. They can present you with an ideal treatment outcome which you can use as an exact specification for your fabrication processes. OrthoAnalyzer offers you functionality which you can use to offer a range of diagnostic and analysis services and well as a 'Virtual Setup' for presentation to the patient and inclusion in your digital workflow. Modification of the occlusion and virtual extractions along with IPR will help present a realistic treatment outcome for the patient.

CAD Design: Appliance Designer software offers a range of tools which can be used to improve efficiency, throughput and accuracy in you production workflow. Working models can be prepared on screen and printed for use in conventional fabrication processes significantly reducing manual working of the models. A range of popular appliances can be designed with ease ready for direct or indirect fabrication processes often with only minimal finishing required.

3rd Party manufacturing: A wide range of 3D printing, laser sintering and milling systems can be used as part of your digital workflow. Plastic working models and appliances can be printed, metalwork can be laser sintered and any material can be milled all to produce an accurate appliance that works for you, your customer and the patient.

ESM Partner Laboratories

ESM was first established as a digital study model scanning service provider. As our business developed, we realised that Orthodontists needed an accurate and reliable digital study model service that was provided by their preferred local laboratory which also offered a full range of orthodontic appliances, a 'one-stop-shop'! With the needs of our customers in mind, we established a network of ESM Partner Laboratories. As an ESM Partner Laboratory, you will be joining a group of like-minded laboratories from which we can all learn and grow. You will be in a position to offer scanning services to your customers and if not right now, you will soon be able to accept and use digital impressions. Your business will be promoted on our website, we will keep you up to date with the latest news developments and work with you to get the most from your 3Shape products and our partnership.

A Digital Infrastructure

The rate at which technology is adopted is dependent on a number of factors and in the case of digital impression / intra-oral systems, the lab infrastructure to support this technology is vital. The full value of the system can only realised by orthodontists if laboratories are in a position to accept the data. The transition has started and now many laboratories are seeing that 'going digital' is vital to their survival. As a result, full service orthodontic laboratories are getting up and running with scanners and printers and are now enjoying the benefits that this technology has to offer their business. More and more customers are submitting cases in a digital format and we are constantly hearing of laboratories whose customers have left them for another lab that can offer digital services. It is believed by many that in a few short years, alginate and PVS impressions will no longer be the standard method of recording the patient's detention and most practices will be using intra-oral scanners such as the TRIOS as part of their daily routine. Let us help you future-proof your business.

3D Printing:

3D printing is a term which is now commonly used to describe a range of modern production processes which fall into the family of 'additive manufacture' where a physical part is produced by a system which adds material in a desired pattern, layer by layer to build the final product. There are a range of techniques available today, utilising different processes and materials each with their own benefits. At ESM, we review new products that show potential for applications in the orthodontic laboratory and often get sample printed models which we check for accuracy and detail. As you consider incorporating printing technology into your business, contact us and let us tell you what you need to know about printing and we will put you in contact with some providers who will provide you with a great product and take real good care of you.


We are passionate about our products and the level of service we offer our customers at ESM. So it makes us very proud when we hear the kind words our customers have to say about our products and the support we provide to them.

Donal P. Inman CDT
President Inman Orthodontic Laboratories

"The 3Shape R700 Scanner with the OrthoAnalyzer is the most valuable communication tool I have. Digital Study Models are fast and accurate and the diagnostic tools are truly fantastic. Due to the speed and ease we have replaced digital photographs with 3D digital scans, this really impresses our customers. The on-going training and support we receive from ESM is unsurpassed and is the gold standard of the industry. ESM is always a quick email or phone call away and they always have the answer to any question or the solution to any problem we might have. If you are considering a scanner for your orthodontic laboratory or practice I strongly suggest you talk to ESM and let them guide you."

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