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Maxillofacial Prosthesist

In recent years we have delivered scanning solutions to hospital laboratories where orthodontic technicians and maxillofacial technicians work side by side. This has allowed us to learn more about this amazing profession and the often laborious manual tasks that the skilled technicians undertake on a day to day basis. Whilst the R700 with ScanItOrthodontics is a scanner for scanning orthodontic models, it produces excellent digital reproductions of many typical maxillofacial models. Here are some examples of how some of our customers use the R700 and 3Shape Software.

  • Prosthetic Ears: Where a patient requires a prosthetic ear to match an existing ear, a plaster model of the existing ear is scanned and mirrored before printing a model of the prosthetic ear a variety of different 3D printers. The printed ear is then duplicated in silicon and then matched against the working model of the patient.
    As well as producing a near exact replica of the patient, the time spent by the technician building up a wax model of the ear is now minimised. If a replacement ear is required, the same ear can be just printed again resulting in an exact match!

  • Prosthetic Nose: We are currently undergoing pilot studies on using 3Shape products to produce prosthetic noses using the R700 scanner and Appliance Designer. We are very excited about the benefits this can offer in terms of less visits for patients and the possibility of exact matches and 'the perfect nose'!

  • Orthognathic Wafers: The inclusion of the Virtual Articulator into 3Shape software allows for simple planning for osteotomy surgery. Once the correct occlusion is created on screen, Appliance Designer offers simple tools to allow for the design of an osteotomy wafer. The wafer can then be printed using a suitable biocompatible material.
    This technique offers benefits in terms of greatly reduced fabrication times for wafers resulting in increased productivity, particularly for busy laboratories.

Take some time to browse through the Scanner and Software sections to find out more about the products and how we have helped other customers like you enjoy the many benefits this technology has to offer. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your needs with our friendly customer care staff, don't hesitate, contact us today - we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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