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As a dentist offering restorative services to your patients, the most important aspects of the product you deliver is that the restoration must look great, it must fit first time with no adjustments, it must be durable and of course come in at the right price. A close working relationship with your laboratory is essential to ensuring that your patients leave your clinic happy and with a beaming smile. Your partnership means your lab understands your needs and you understand theirs, when problems develop you work together to make things right.

Since 2005, 3Shape has been developing systems to benefit your lab - reduced turnaround time, better accuracy and new product offerings enabling your lab to provide you with the support you demand. Now ESM are proud to provide you with 3Shape products that meets your needs and will help further strengthen your relationship with you your lab. This will result in faster turnaround times, better fitting restorations and an all-round better experience for your patients. ESM is one of only a few 3Shape partners selected to provide systems to Laboratories and Clinics meaning you can be sure of a truly integrated partnership. As one of the first 3Shape partners to deliver systems to the clinic, we understand what is important to you, your business and your staff. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that you get the best level of support as you embrace the benefits 3shape technology has to offer your business.

Chair side scanning

TRIOS3Shape TRIOS is a digital impression system which will allow you to quickly capture an accurate a detailed 3D representation of your patients preparations and adjacent teeth. Digital impression systems are not new however slow scan times, inflexible scan patterns, limited accuracy, restrictive business models and the need for powder coating of the teeth has meant that the adoption of such technology has been slow. TRIOS revolutionises digital impressions. Fast scan times means you can scan the preparation, adjacent teeth and antagonist in 2-3 minutes and it is so easy to use, the learning curve is typically only a couple of weeks. A sleek and mobile cart comes complete with a large touch screen monitor packed full of functionality to ensure you get the perfect impression every time. On creation of your order, you will define your prescription specific to your selected laboratory and the software will guide you through the steps. For example, when scanning an implant case, on removal of the healing abutment, you can quickly scan the emergence profile before it starts to collapse, lock this area and then continue scanning. A second scan with a 'scan abutment' in place will ensure that an accurate location, depth and orientation of the implant is captured. After completing the validation steps your case is immediately transferred to your chosen laboratory where they can review it and validate it even before your patient has left the clinic.

Seamless Communication with your Laboratory

3Shape CommunicateTM offers a simple and efficient method of communication with your laboratory. Once the scan has been completed and validated it will be automatically sent to your chosen laboratory which is using 3shape systems. If you want to work with a lab that is not yet using 3Shape CAD/CAM solutions, we can get them up and running with a range of different solutions that will enable them accept your TRIOS digital impression.

Laboratory Communication.jpg

Once your lab receives your order, reviews it and complete the restoration design, Communicate™ will provide the ability to share the restoration with you and your patient. You have options to add annotations, make comments and once confirmation has been submitted, your lab can produce the restoration to your expected high degree of detail and accuracy. You will receive a restoration exactly as required and will be confident that it will fit the patient without the need for any adjustments at the chair side.

3Shape Dental System™

ESM delivers 3Shape's Dental System™, the market's most complete system for dental CAD/CAM, providing digital workflows for all the major dental indications. Since its release in 2005, Dental System™ continues to maintain its longstanding reputation as the world's most innovative and widely installed lab system for Dental CAD/CAM. It is easy-to-use, enables maximum accuracy, offers most indications, and helps labs help their dentists through the provision of better restorations and new services. As a dentist, you can be confident that any laboratory using 3Shape technology is serious about their business and serious about the services they deliver to you.

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