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Dental Laboratory

ESM Presents 3Shape's Dental System™, the market's most complete system for dental CAD/CAM, providing digital workflows for all the major dental indications. Since its release in 2005, Dental System™ continues to maintain its longstanding reputation as the world's most innovative and widely installed lab system for Dental CAD/CAM. It is easy-to-use, enables maximum productivity, offers most indications, and helps labs help their dentists through the provision of better restorations and new services.

Dentistry is moving into the digital era faster than most have anticipated. However, digitalization is not just an industry fact - it is a major opportunity. CAD/CAM provides direct answers to the many challenges facing today's labs in a highly competitive market. The development of new CAD/CAM technologies will help labs compete. Restoration production becomes faster, less costly and consistent in terms of quality, enabling labs to meet challenges such as in-clinic milling, offshore production, and local competitors that are already using CAD/CAM.

ESM and 3Shape, a long term partnership

Lab owners that are considering a move into digital dentistry need to make the right choice among systems - a choice that will add business value and expand their possibilities. Some labs continue to focus on short-term perspectives. ESM and 3Shape believe in providing solutions and business models that help labs grow their business and stay ahead, not only for today but also for tomorrow. And this is how...

  • Superior innovation power and dental expertise: With more than 120 full-time developers dedicated to 3D solutions, 3Shape continues to lead the market with unmatched innovation power. Dental System™ is the result of close cooperative liaison with dental technicians in the field.
  • User-acclaimed CAD design and more indications: Dental System™ offers the market's widest range of dental indications and the most advanced design tools, providing technicians with accurate digital control even over technique demanding processes.
  • Fast and fully integrated dental scanners: The high speed and accuracy of 3Shape's scanners continues to win praise from lab technicians. 3Shape's scanners and CAD software are designed together to provide smooth workflows and unique features, e.g., texture scanning, impression scanning, and 5.0 MP cameras.
  • Complete solutions and broadest integration: With communication tools, unique design capabilities, TRIOS®, and model builder, 3Shape's solutions cover all aspects of digital dentistry. Users praise Dental System™ for its unrivalled versatility and ability to interface with virtually all manufacturing equipment and materials. As a 3Shape partner delivering both clinic and lab systems, ESM will offer you and your customers a truly complete and integrated partnership.
  • Providing long-term solutions: In an industry influenced by technology changes, escalating globalization, and increasing regulatory demands, 3Shape continues to deliver solutions that help labs stay competitive. Unlimited upgrading, new functionality, added libraries, and beneficial interfaces are integral parts of 3Shape's package and customer promise.
  • Backing users with care, technology and expertise: The skilled and experienced customer support staff at ESM will take care of you and help your business maximise the benefits Dental System has to offer. Our support capacity is boosted by 3Shape's second-line support force of over 30 in-house experts placed in 5 support and service centres worldwide. The 3Shape Academy provides hands-on training, webinars, and learning materials to ensure that users can utilize all features of their system.

Dental System™

3Shape's Dental System™ brings together accurate 3D scanning, intuitive CAD modelling, efficient order management and reliable communication tools to provide streamlined workflows that increase productivity.

3Shape Dental System
  • A scanner for clinics and labs: The D-Series desktop scanners provide fast, accurate scanning of models and impression with the D800/810 offering surface texture scanning for improved productivity. TRIOS intra-oral scanners used by the dentist will produce accurate digital impressions that can be validated at the chair side resulting in faster turnaround times and better fitting restorations.
  • Model builder: When scanning impressions or using an intra-oral scan and a physical model is required, model builder will help you section and base your models with an interface for your preferred articulator ready for production using in-house or outsourced printing and milling facilities.

Model Builder

  • Manage orders: Dental Manager will allow you to create your order and based on your specification, the workflow will automatically be created. Any order information specified by your dentist using TRIOS will be automatically passed minimising the risk of miscommunication and reducing your staff's workload.
  • A powerful toolbox: Dental System is packed full of tools designed for the way you work. Simple and intuitive tools make your life easier: smile composer™, automatic margin detection, tooth mirror and copy, dynamic articulators, extensive parametric libraries, texture scanning and multi-function sculpt tool kit.
  • Enhanced crown and bridge productivity: As standard, Dental System offers you workflows for efficient design of: copings, bridge frameworks, full anatomy crowns and bridges, inlays/onlays/veneers.
  • Advanced indications and new services: Multilayer bridges, Post & Core, Telescopic Crowns, Digital Temporaries, Virtual Diagnostic Wax-ups, Customized Abutments, Implant Bars and Bridges, Denture Design, Implant Planning & Drill Guides, Removable Partial Design, Orthodontic appliances.
  • Efficient and concise communication: 3Shape Communicate™ allows you and your dentists communicate and share case information. An impressive visual tool to help your dentists win the patient's business.
  • Open format manufacturing opportunities: Dental System™ offers STL output format allowing you to integrate with printing, laser sintering and milling systems of your choice. As the market leader in open format dental CAD/CAM solutions, most manufacturing solution providers will be familiar with 3Shape Dental System and will work together to ensure full integration and accurate manufacture.

Seamless Communication with your Dentists

3Shape Communicate™ offers a simple and efficient method of communication with your dentists. Your dentist can create the order at the chair side, creating a prescription specific to your lab. Once the scan is completed, the dentist submits the case and you are notified automatically. With the option for you to review the impression before the patient leaves the clinic, you can request a partial rescan if the dentist has not fully captured the level of detail required.

Dentist Communication

On completion of the restoration design, this can be shared with the dentist and perhaps with the patient and once confirmation has been received, you can produce the restoration to your usual high level of detail and accuracy. Your dentist will receive a restoration exactly as required and will be confident that it will fit the patient without the need for any adjustments at the chair side.

Manufacturing options to suit you

The output format from all 3Shape design software is open-format STL. In line with the ESM and 3Shape philosophy of freedom and ownership, this gives you the opportunity to incorporate a manufacturing solution that works for you.

  • 3D printers are widely used for printing models and wax printers are used for printing metalwork designs as part of the investment casting process.
  • Laser Sintering provides a direct additive manufacturing technique for the production of metalwork.
  • Milling systems are used for all aspects of manufacture: milled gypsum models, metalwork and zirconia can be machined to a high degree of accuracy and detail.

Whether you are requiring a system for your own in-house use or you are searching for an out-sourced partner, ESM will work with you to find a solution that works for you.

Case Studies

Find out about how dental laboratories across the world integrated 3Shape systems into their workflow and learn about the benefits this offered their business.

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3Shape CAD/CAM in a major Dental Lab, Glidewell Laboratories (Download Case Study)

Going "all-in" with digital dentistry, Allure Dental Studio (Download Case Study)

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