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3Shape TRIOS Taking Digital Impressions to a new level

3Shape TRIOS is a digital impression solution that offers you and your patients a scanning experience unlike anything else available on today's market. TRIOS boasts the fastest scan times and powder-free scanning as well as simple and flexible workflows. Put this together with the expert training and support you will receive from ESM and you will be capturing perfect digital impressions every time right from the start. Not only are TRIOS scans highly accurate and detailed, color scans can be used for reliable shade matching. You will be impressed with the results and your patients will be impressed with the experience.

TRIOS friendly experience TRIOS portable scanning TRIOS touch screen TRIOS Chair Integration Kit Pen grip or handle grip options Bite Scan automatically aligns arches Full 'True Colour' scanning 3Shape Communicate

TRIOS offers a patient friendly experience

TRIOS Pod portable scanning solution

TRIOS Cart with 19" touch screen

TRIOS Chair Integration Kit with multiple configurations

Pen grip or handle grip options

Bite Scan automatically aligns arches

Full 'True Colour' scanning

3Shape Communicate complete communication solution

It all starts with a good impression....

TRIOS is quickly becoming the system of choice among clinicians and laboratories around the world. As well as being packed full of powerful functionality and scoring highest in all categories when compared with similar products on today's market, TRIOS is one of the most open systems available enabling you to be in full control of your digital impressions.

TRIOS scans can be used for digital study models, patient communication and education, case referral, in-house milling and for transfer to your laboratory or service provider of choice. TRIOS scans integrate seamlessly with 3shape Dental System, Implant Studio and Orthosystem for production of the widest range of restorative, prosthetic, orthodontic applications and surgical guides making TRIOS the most versatile system available. Learn more about TRIOS Restoration and TRIOS Orthodontics.

A perfect Communication Tool

3Shape Communicate

3Shape Communicate is an online platform which is free to all 3Shape users and allows you to share and access cases either through your 3Shape software, through any web browser or through 3Shape's Communicate iPad/iPhone app. As well as sharing scans, you can securely share patient information, photographs, radiographs and prescription information. Your laboratory can share proposed case design prior to your approval and all notes and correspondence are attached to the patient case for future reference whenever required. What's more, anything you do as part of your scan process will be shared with your lab or chosen communicate user.

A Carefully Engineered Tip Size

TRIOS Scan Tip

TRIOS scan tips are designed to be autoclaved and reused. The mirror is detachable from the tip for efficient sterilising and economic replacement. A conductive strip ensures the mirror is kept at an elevated temperature to eliminate fogging and provide continuous and uninterrupted scanning. The scan tip has been carefully designed to an optimum size to provide you with:

  • Fast scan times
  • Maximum scan coverage
  • Outstanding accuracy across the arch
  • Simple 'reposition and continue' scan sequence
  • Patient comfort
  • Tool for easing soft tissue from scan area

A Configuration to Suit Your Office

TRIOS is available in three different configurations to suit your office and your requirements.

TRIOS POD comprises a handheld scanner and base which makes a very portable and easily transported system. TRIOS POD can be operated via a high spec laptop or PC making it ideal for situations where space is at a premium or simple portability is a must.

TRIOS CIK (Chair Integration Kit) is the perfect solution where space is at a premium but where portability is not critical. Installation is straight forward and cabling can be brought back to a PC or laptop. A chair mounted monitor or ipad allows you to keep an eye on progress during the scan and allows the patient to see their own teeth being scanned in real time.

TRIOS CART will give any practice a modern and stylish feel. A built-in high spec PC and 19" multi-touch screen give you everything you need in one sleek and mobile unit. TRIOS Cart can be easily positioned beside the patient during the scanning process and the large touch screen monitor provides you with visual feedback as you scan.

The surfaces of all 3Shape TRIOS product can be cleaned with typical alcohol based or alcohol-free disinfecting products.

It is worth noting that the POD, CIK and CART are all available as additional units without scanners so we can deliver to you a cost effective TRIOS installation designed for the way you work. Working across two floors? Have a CART on each floor and interchange the handheld TRIOS scanner as required. Working in a satellite office? Have a TRIOS Cart installed in your main office and we can provide an additional POD to use with your TRIOS scanner when you practice at your satellite office.

iPad Integration

3Shape iPad Integration

Using readily available products such as 'splashtop remote desktop' you can use an iPad to mirror your laptop, PC or Cart screen. The iPad behaves as a touch-screen interface allowing you enter patient and order information as well as view, assess and interact with the image as you scan.

Futureproof your investment with Indefinite Software Upgrades and Support

Software Upgrades and Support

You have guaranteed indefinite software upgrades and support from ESM and 3Shape with all 3Shape products. Your annual subscription will ensure that you get access to the latest software developments continuously improving functionality and performance and compatibility with the global network of 3Shape labs and users. Your subscription will ensure you always have free access to upgrades catering for changes in industry standards and PC operating systems. You will always have access to the expert support delivered by ESM and on a 2nd level basis, 3Shape support staff will always be available to help out when we can't. TRIOS is a long term investment in your business and we will provide you with a long term partnership.

Learn more about how TRIOS can work for your business

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