Digital Study Models Required by NHSBSA from January 2014

At the recent British Orthodontic Conference, it was announced that as of January 2014, all practitioners in England and Wales may only submit study models requested as part of the routine review process in a digital format.

In 2009, after two years of meetings, presentations and pilot studies, the then DPB accredited ESM as an approved provider of digital study models. Since then, ESM has provided digital study models to practitioners either directly or indirectly through our network of partner laboratories. Rather than outsourcing their digital study model requirements, many practitioners chose ESM to provide in-house technology for scanning models and impressions.

Whilst most customers sought to use digital study models for the obvious space saving and practice efficiency benefits, being able to submit study models to the board in a digital format was a crucial factor in their decision to go digital. Now with more than 100 UK practitioners using ESM digital study models and 100s of cases submitted, we are delighted with the announcement and proud to be the only provider of scanning technology to be accredited by the NHS for this application.

So what does this mean to you a

nd your business? There is no onus on you to stop using stone models if this is what you are comfortable with. The only difference to you is that you no longer need to send your models to a lab to be duplicated, returned and then sent to Eastbourne. Instead you can send your models to ESM or to one of our many partner laboratories across the UK to be digitised. You will receive the digitised models in the correct format which you can simply send onto the Board along with all of your other records. You can download a free viewer from our website which will allow you to view your models and see for yourself just how accurate and reliable they are. We will be there to offer any assistance to you and answer any questions you may have should you wish to consider converting your practice to digital study models.

Now that the BSA has endorsed the use of digital study models and medico legal advisors are happy with their use as a replacement for stone models, maybe this is the time for your practice to make the move to digital? Call us today and let us guide you as to the best way for your business to enjoy all of the benefits digital study models have to offer. We look forward to working with you.

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