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3D Printing with ESM Digital Solutions and Formlabs

3D Printing with ESM Digital Solutions and Formlabs

At ESM, we have always believed that 3D printing technology would one day become a natural addition to the range of 3Shape technologies we provide. After a number of years of watching the 3D Printing market develop, technologies evolve and adaptation of 3D printing increate we felt the time was right to deliver a printing solution. Our criteria was simple; the product needed to be reliable, print accurately, print at a practical speed, be able to print with a range of materials and be at a price point that makes it accessible for our whole customer base. We were excited to see Formlabs enter the dental space and we were impressed that it ticked all of our boxes and as a company, Formlabs put a lot of effort into developing their products for dental applications. We are proud to have been selected as a reseller for Formlabs and are delighted to be working with another class leading brand.

Get to Know Form3

Form3 is very much Formlabs third generation 3D printer. Form3 takes advantage of all of the great aspects of its predecessors whilst new developments make it an all-round better solution.

Linear Optical Printing ensures a consistent laser spot diameter across the whole print area resulting in sharp and crisp details. The Form3 will deliver the most accurate and repeatable 3D printed parts from Formlabs.

LFS (Low Force Stereolithography) ensures continuous peeling of the part from the resin tank therefore massively reducing peel forces allows for smaller supports, smaller attachment point size and reduced risk of print detachment and failure.

Resin Wiper: This feature of the Form2 is no longer required thanks to LFS. This reduces the overall build time and eliminates the risk of resin spills.

Resin Cartridges remain the same as for the Form2, allowing users to run their existing Form2 machines and increase capacity with Form3 without having to maintain an inventory of different materials.

Easy and Intuitive Printing is achieved using Formlabs Preform software. Setting up parts for optimal printing couldn't be easier. Manage your fleet of printers from the same application without the need to cross skill across different software platforms

Post Process parts in the way you are used to. Form3 build platforms are the same size as Form2 platforms and can be used in the same way with FormWash.

Email to preorder your Form3 now with ESM, we expect to start delivering to customers in July / August 2019.

Get to know Form3L

Form3L is a big step towards bigger printing by Formlabs. Utilising the same key elements and printing principles of Form3, the Form3L offers some notable differences:

320% bigger build area: As part of a larger overall build volume the build platform is 320% larger than the Form3 meaning more area for you to place more parts.

Faster print speeds: The Form3L utilises two Liner Print Units meaning prints that straddle the whole build platform will print much faster than the equivalent on a Form3.

Dual Resin Cartridge System: Two cartridges can be loaded at the same time delivering uninterrupted printing.

Email to preorder your Form3L now with ESM, we expect to start delivering to customers towards the end of 2019.

Printing for Dental Applications with Formlabs

The dental profession quickly identified Formlabs 3D Printers as being a reliable, accurate and affordable offering allowing laboratories and clinicians to bring 3D printing in house. For some Formlabs printers have been a stepping stone into the world of 3D Printing and for many their first Formlabs has been the first of many with some larger orthodontic laboratories employing an army of printers to fulfil their large volume printing requirements.

As well as being a robust machine, Formlabs also deliver a range of materials which make their printers multifunctional work-horses. The simplicity of the resin tray, build platform and resin cartridge combination make changing from one material to another a very simple and quick process.

Dental Applications include:Form3 Dental Applications

• Diagnostic Wax-up Models
• Dental Models with removable dies
• Dental Models with Implant Analogs
• Orthodontic Study Models
• Orthodontic Models for Retainers
• Orthodontic Models for Retainers
• Orthodontic Models for IDB
• Orthodontic Models for appliances
• Occlusal splints*
• Niteguards*
• Surgical Guides*
• Dentures*
• Castable applications

*Materials subject to approval on Form3. ClassII Materials must always be washed and cured according to manufacturer guidelines.

Printing for Dental Applications with Formlabs

Finishing parts with Formlabs

During the printing process, the printed part is partially cured and on completion of printing the parts are covered with residual resin so before the parts can be used for their intended purpose, they must be cleaned and post cured.

Formlabs Finish Kit, FormWash and FormCure

Post-Process Washing: Parts must be washed in IPA after printing for 20 minutes. A manual, two-bucket wash station is provided as part of a finish kit and this can be used to remove residual resin after printing. After an initial 1 minute agitation, the parts spend a further 9 minutes in the first bucket followed by a similar process in the second bucket.

Alternatively, the FormWash unit can be used to automate this process, minimising user involvement and offering an overall cleaner solution to cleaning parts. The build platform is positioned in the carrier and automatically dipped into a continuously agitated IPA bath. After the predetermined time has elapsed, the build platform with parts attached is automatically lifted out of the unit.

Thorough and complete cleaning of parts is vital to ensure the accuracy of the finished parts.

It is important to not mix parts in the same IPA, particularly with the ClassII materials as to do so may impede their biocompatibility.

Post-Process Curing: Prior to using printed parts for their intended application, it is important to ensure that the parts are cured fully. Controlled post curing can be achieved using the FormCure unit. The curing time and temperature is set by the user and the clean and dry parts are placed in the curing chamber. Correct post curing is critical as part of the complete production process for ClassII materials and must always be following as per guidelines for the particular material.

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