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About ESM

ESM Digital Solutions was established in Dublin, Ireland in 2007 by Mark Barry and Dr. Stephen Gallagher when they identified the need for a Digital Study Model service for Orthodontists in Ireland and the UK. Our business quickly grew and we attracted significant interest within the profession where every Orthodontist we met experienced some level of problems arising from traditional stone study models. As scanning technology became more reliable, faster and more accessible, we changed our direction from being a service provider to being a solutions provider. In 2009 ESM began providing desktop scanning solutions directly to Orthodontists, Laboratories and Universities. We have now delivered systems to customers the world over and with the UK and US being our main markets, we are very proud and privileged to be providing systems and support to many high profile customers including the University of Michigan, the US military, Guys & St Thomas Hospital, London and Specialty Appliances Orthodontic Laboratory to name a few.

Due Diligence

In the very early days of ESM, we reviewed many scanning products available on the market and following a strict validation protocol, we identified 3Shape as being the ideal partner for ESM to develop our business with. When we first met with 3Shape, they were the only company offering a truly orthodontic product whereas so many other providers were offering a dental scanner with an orthodontic label. 3Shape had gotten it right. They were developing a product that was a long term project. The scanning software was configured specifically for orthodontics and the analysis software 'OrthoAnalyzer' was exactly what was required by doctors at that time and continues to be developed to meet the growing needs of doctors and laboratories. Today, we continue to review new product developments and new providers in today’s market place and we continue to be reassured that we made the right decision in working with 3Shape. 3Shape has the development capacity and community experience to develop highly functional, reliable, innovative and user focused technology. We believe that 3Shape will continue to be at the forefront of this sector for many years to come and we are proud to be delivering and supporting their products.

A Global Partnership

As a result of our close working relationship, our intimate understanding of the needs of Orthodontic Professionals and our success delivering 3Shape products to this sector we are very proud to be 'The Global Orthodontic Partner for 3Shape'.

Supporting Your Business

Our business ethos has always been to provide a solution that works for our customer's business. In the orthodontic and dental marketplace, we identified that the market was somewhat dominated by providers of technology in a locked / semi-locked format. In the majority of these cases, the technology is provided as a tool to help deliver other services offered by the provider and only that provider. There is no doubt that this is a business model that works for some, but not for all. At ESM, our focus is to provide scanning technology which offers flexibility and enables our customers to take control of their own business.

Delivering 3Shape's Dental System

In 2012, in response to observations and requests from the restorative dental market, ESM became an official distributor for 3Shape's range of Restorative Dentistry products. We are excited about delivering this suite of scanners and software and are encouraged by the response we have received from within the profession.

So whether you are a Laboratory Technician, an Orthodontist or a Dentist, you can be confident that ESM will give you the best advice and will work with you in an ethical and professional manner to ensure your business reaps the benefits our product have to offer.

Meet the Team

ALT Mark Barry qualified as Mechanical Engineer with 1st class honours in 1998 from The Dublin Institute of Technology. In 2010 Mark completed his research where he studied the strength of taper-lock dental implants for which he earned an MPhil Masters Degree. After receiving his bachelor’s degree he worked in different engineering related positions ranging from quality assurance to project engineering. In all cases, the companies were small and this provided the opportunity of getting exposure to, and involved with every aspect of running a business, understanding the customer's needs and putting procedures in place and making resources available to meet those needs. Mark has also spent several years as a lecturer at the Dublin Institute of Technology which he always refers to as his 'Food for the Soul'.

His lectures to engineering students focused on production processes, quality strategies and inspection techniques which of course involved 3D scanning and CAD/CAM. As a director of ESM and being responsible for all customer related processes, you are inevitably going to spend time with Mark as he educates you on the technology and works with you to realise the benefits ESM and our products can offer your business.

Mark is never shy when it comes to speaking and writing about scanning technology for orthodontic and dental applications. He has presented at regional study groups meetings, conferences and at the exhibitors forum at the AAO 2011. His articles have been published in The Journal of Clinical Orthodontics and Private Dental Laboratory (UK) and has reviewed articles for the American Journal of Orthodontics.

ALT Dr Stephen Gallagher is a Specialist Orthodontist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. After gaining his specialist qualifications in Orthodontics (MOrth 2002 through the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh and MDentCh 2002 through Trinity College Dublin), he set up a specialist orthodontic practice in Dublin- which he ran for 10 years. During this time, he became increasingly interested in the application of imaging technologies in orthodontics and dentistry in general.

He helped to set up ESM Digital Solutions with his partners as a way of helping to bring the benefits of 3D imaging to the profession, and he understands the ways in which the profession constantly deals with the issues surrounding past record-keeping and also faces the digital future. Aware of the diagnostic and other merits of helping the profession switch to digital, Dr Gallagher enjoys bringing his unique experience to the team at ESM.

ALT Mr Amir Seifi graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Dublin Institute of Technology with 1st class honours in 2007. Amir joined the team at ESM shortly after the company was established and he had completed his studies, and was delighted to have the opportunity to get involved in such an exciting project. His energy, passion and commitment jumped out at the interview stages and choosing him to join the team was not a difficult decision!

Amir takes care of operations at ESM and manages the support desk. He takes great pride in ensuring that all our customers get the very best service possible and strives to maintain the shortest response times. Amir takes genuine pleasure from getting to know our customers and always goes that extra mile to ensure everybody gets the most out of their system. After spending time with him, you and your staff will always feel like Amir has taken real good care of you!

3Shape has firmly established their position as a leading industry pace-setter for breakthrough developments in 3D scanners and CAD/CAM technologies. More than 250 employees and over 120 developers work daily to bring 3Shape's innovative solutions to dental professionals worldwide. 3Shape is a global company and has offices span the world with presence in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

ESM Digital Solutions Ltd is registered with the Irish Company Registrations Office (Reg: 434590). Our registered office address is:

Unit 3, Chamber Buildings,
North Street,
Co. Dublin,

ESM Digital Solutions Ltd. Is a private company limited by shares.

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